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  • Mechanical maintenance on mining sites (with our without supervision).
  • Search and hiring of FMTM-trained maintenance personnel.
  • Total reconstruction of mining equipment: Electrical, hydraulic, mechanical and drive systems (see the list of rebuilt equipment).
  • Dismantling and rebuilding of subterranean mining equipment in Canada or abroad. Equipment start-up on site.
  • Structure, electrical distribution systems and lifting equipment design.
  • Failure analysis.


  • Manufacture of wear plates for conveyors and chutes.
  • Manufacture of structures and conveyors in a CWB-certified workshop according to CSA standards for structural steel and aluminum.
  • Manufacture of ROPS and FOPS protective canopies and emergency braking system.
  • Manufacture of multifunctional platforms.

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Search for technical staff with FMTM training; mechanics, welders, etc.
Establishment of training and a safety audit program on the mine site to ensure compliance.
Search for the causes of breakage with finite element analysis and recommendations.
Design and manufacture of mining braking systems according to the mass of the vehicle.
Complete dismantling and reconstruction of the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems of loaders, trucks, service vehicles and drills.
Repair of all types and formats of lung pumps for groundwater.
Repair and testing of jacklegs and stopers drills.
Design and manufacture of steel or aluminum structures under CWB Standards.
Design and manufacture of FOPS and ROPS systems according to Canadian standards.

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